Love art, antiques, and collectibles? Be part of a lively adult show-and-tell party with our appraisers at the CCAC May 18th at 6:30pm

Mysteriously inherited?  Discovered in an estate sale?  Purchased way back when? Learn about the objects you live with at our Art & Antiques Salon on May 18th!  Submit your fine art, antiques, collectibles, and prized possessions to win a chance to participate in an informative and playful panel of professional appraisers that will discuss collectibility and valuation of fine art, antiques and other valuable objects.  

Show us your stuff!  Send us your item photos and information online prior to the event for a chance to win a FREE sale estimate ($40 value) from one of our specialists and the opportunity to become the center of our panelists discussion. 

Join us May 18th at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center at 6:30pm for a lively discussion.  Be sure to send us your item submission using this form.