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Your questions, thoughts, and comments are valuable to us.  They are an indication of your interest in preserving art and being a good steward of cultural property.  That's why we personally respond to your inquiries.  

We are real live human beings living and working in the United States, and we are generally available to you between 9:30am EST and 5:30pm EST Monday-Friday.

We respond to all online messages and voicemail in 1-2 business days.

While we serve 11 major metropolitan areas throughout the United States, our headquarters is located in the heart of downtown Cincinnati, Ohio. We also work remotely and travel extensively.

We confirm smArt Appraisals the same business day and turn most of them around in 24-48 hours.  Even when the trickiest mysteries come across our desk via smArt Appraisal, you'll receive a specialists opinion within 5 business days.

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