Bryson provides expert appraisals in tandem with estate and collections management services that empower clients to be organized, informed, and prepared.

Our patent-pending process, coupled with a team of specialized appraisers and our award-winning technology for managing estates and collectibles, provides personalized service in any location, in real time.

Complete confidentiality for peace of mind.

Personal privacy is assured in accordance with the guidelines of the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLB Act or GLBA).

Security is protected through bank-level encryption – standard to our platform.
We meet Internal Revenue Service and Appraisal Foundation criteria in every report we prepare in connection
 with a tax return.

We are insured and bonded as part of our professional commitment to our clients.

Bryson offers a patent pending method for identifying and valuing specialty properties.

Reviewed valuations are submitted in conjunction with a tax return.

We employ a broad network of industry-leading appraisers representing a breadth of subject matter expertise.

We require all of our appraisers to meet the highest qualifications, and provide our active appraisers with continuing education.

Our client-facing team is trained to emphasize compassion, empathy, confidentiality, and integrity.

No surprises: Predictable costs are quoted upfront – so you are not guessing how many billable hours will appear on your final invoice.

Our fees are competitive with the industry.
We are mindful of client expectations.

We offer a breadth of services ranging from custom catalogs to flat-fee brokerage.

Our service suite addresses specific client needs for tax, gift, and estate planning, financial risk management, and legacy cultivation.

Access your information online anytime, anywhere, in print, web, and mobile formats through STASH™, our proprietary online productivity app available exclusively to our clients.


Store all information relating to the properties in a single organized inventory report.

Track inventoried properties by location, value, category, and more.

Assess the selections of your beneficiaries through an in-app scoring system that measures, in degrees, their preferences for specific objects. 

Easily apply your own methodology for beneficiary distribution and record beneficiary selections to more responsibly support your decisions.