We evaluate your item and identify appropriate IRS 501-3c non for profit organizations where the item fits the mission of the organization and complies with their collections policy.  We then coordinate the donation valuation and applicable tax forms.


If you are making a non-cash charitable contribution of greater than $5,000 and wish to deduct it from your taxes, you typically need an appraisal report.  

We will provide you with professionally catalogued and exceptionally researched appraisal documentation that not only ensures a fair deduction, but mitigates your liability in case your donation is scrutinized or audited by the IRS.


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Receiving a professionally photographed and catalogued inventory of your assets allows you to easily reference exactly what you have and easily share objects with interested parties, beneficiaries, or resale venues. 

You will receive:

  • Professional, detailed photography of your chosen items
  • Museum standard Object ID cataloguing includes measurements, unique features, and condition report
  • Access to your catalog via our searchable and sharable interactive online tool
  • Print catalogs priced on request


Please contact us to receive quote.