We're on the road and heading west.

Meet us face-to-face this weekend in Western Kentucky's beautiful rivertown, Paducah.

Bring your favorite family heirloom for a one-on-one evaluation from our appraisers volunteering at Kentucky Educational Television's most popular program Kentucky Collectibles.

Get tickets here!  All proceeds support educational television in Kentucky.


Our Decorative Arts appraiser Diane Wachs and Fine Art appraiser Morgan Rigaud will be evaluating objects in their areas of expertise.  


A smArt Appraisal can be a useful diagnostic tool for objects that you're considering selling, donating, or giving to family members.

Send information and pictures in order to receive a smArt Appraisal from a specialist who evaluates your item submission to identify the object, its price point, and the most appropriate marketplace in which you could sell it. 

Are you trying to decide how to sell, where to give, or what to have formally appraised?

Bryson understands that our greatest possessions often transcend price.

This is why all of our fine and decorative art valuation services are designed to preserve family heritage and harmony by providing specialized expertise and patent-pending methodologies.

We help you avoid confusion and guesswork when dealing with valuable tangible personal property.

Our clients use our valuation services and technologies during trust and estate administration, insurance policy acquisition, insurance claims, and other financial transactions involving tangible personal property.

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