Swing for the fences: The top auction houses for buying and selling baseball memorabilia

Looking to buy or sell baseball memorabilia? Check out our picks for the top ten auction houses specializing in this category of collectibles.

Clean Sweep - Clean sweep is the largest combination auctioneer and seller of vintage sports cards, autographs and memorabilia in the world. Their services include both buying and selling items with a sizable stock of over 25,000 items. They proudly claim to deal in everyone from from Moe Berg to Sandy Koufax to Graig Nettles to Derek Jeter. In addition to a vast collection of featured players, Clean Sweep works from 20 years of experience in valuations with attention to obscurities and variation. Clean Sweep is currently seeking consignment items of $500 or more for upcoming auctions. 

Heritage Auctions - Established in 1976, Heritage offers rare vintage sports cards and memorabilia through their catalog 'Signature Auctions' as well as through monthly 'Internet Sports Auctions'. Heritage Auctions touts a number of impressive values (integrity, transparency, expertise and efficiency to name a few), qualities (being the largest sports auction house in the world for one) and authenticators. Most interestingly their program is directed by expert Chris Ivy, who orchestrated and marketed the sale of The Black Swamp Find one of the most significant baseball card discoveries in history.  

MLB.com - The Major League Baseball Authentication Program is one of the most comprehensive and thorough league-wide programs available. In addition to using unbiased third-party authenticators for accurate valuations, items used in games themselves are eligible for the program's tamper-proof holograms with alpha-numerical codes for easy future authentication. These codes are linked to a database that allows users to learn all available details about their items and related items. Auction services themselves are also well-organized and attract relevant buyers associated with the brand. 

Leland's - Leland's prides itself on being "the original" and most respected Sports Auction house in the world. In addition to handling collections from the Mickey Mantle Auction of the Greer Johnson Collection and the famed Boston Garden Auction, Leland's boasts the sale of the infamous "Mookie Ball" to actor Charlie Sheen. The auction house offers a wide variety of services (including free appraisals) for all sports memorabilia, a helpful bonus for patrons whose interests and collections amble beyond just baseball. For those looking for a quick exchange, Leland's offers cash payouts over consignments. 

Robert Edward- Robert Edward Auctions's values trust and ethics within the auction community. In an industry that can be all-too susceptible to conflicts of interest, Robert Edward removes the possibility of unfair or unethical practices by not owning any material, eradicating hidden reserves, forbidding employee participation in bidding and guarantees full disclosure among other measures. In addition to this intriguing emphasis on fairness, Robert Edward Auctions has set several impressive records in recent years for highest hammer prices. Most recently for a new baseball card and memorabilia record set at 8.5 million dollars in 2014. 

Huggins & Scott - Huggins & Scott is a modest auction company that communicates with its clientele in a personable and friendly manner. In 2007 the company set a world industry record for the sale of a single signed (non game-used) baseball with a ball signed by Christie Mathewson selling for $161,000. The company offers several appealing features including (but not limited to) a signature specialist, flexible cash advances, and extensive available sales records.

SCP Auctions - SCP Auction plays in the big leagues when it comes to collections. Notable names are numerous, ranging from Red Auerbach, to Arther Ashe, Honus Wagner, Ozzie Smith and Goose Gossage. SCP also features a number of notable items such as Babe Ruth's contract transferring him to the Yankee's ($996,000) and T-206 Honus Wagner card ($2.8 million). With an air of slick professionalism and impressive numbers, SCP Auctions is well-suited to serious collectors.

Memory Lane - Memory Lane is the auction company for the true hobbyists at heart. With a team of experienced professionals (with decades of combined experience) Memory Lane is dedicated to the joys of collecting as well as the monetary possibilities contained within it. Hosting a large community of avid collectors and a minimum of 3 auction events yearly, Memory Lane is an auction company well suited to anyone from those in the $500 to $500,000 consignment range. 

Hunt Auctions - Hunt Auctions is a smaller auction company with 24 years of experience dealing in "the hobby" with class and integrity. With a carefully maintained and reliable client list, Hunt Auctions utilizes "above-board" and clear-cut auction methods to guarantee customer satisfaction and ease of mind. Hunt is also an excellent choice for year-round collecting and sales, hosting 7 pending auction events for the remainder of the year. Most notable clients of Hunt Auctions include (but are never limited to) Ted Williams, Joe DiMaggio, Roy Campanella and many more. 

Mile High Card Company - Mile High Card Company finds its home in southern Denver, a mile above sea-level. A fast-growing company, Mile High has recently come off their highest-grossing auction of $2.8 million in record setting bids. Mile High deals in cards from 1880 to 1970, maintaining a strong presence in the hobby community. Collections of note managed by Mile High include E. C. McCoid "Field of Dreams" Collection, Georgia Peach Collection, and Colorado Collection. For those who enjoy the hobby as much as the sale, Mile High Card Company is an exciting new choice.