Our online portal is an excellent choice for families planning or settling estate property when family members cannot physically be together to meet and discuss selections.   We offer stand-alone inventory services if you'd like us to create your property catalog and host it in a password-protected online portal.  

If you have an account with us as an appraisal report service client, your online account is complimentary with the service with the option to add the ability to assign and select items within the trust or estate inventory.


Access your information

Our private online portals are available to you anytime, anywhere to use on smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs. 


Find what you need

Time is as valuable as any object in a collection. Our portals offer simple keyword search, sort and filter options to quickly find exactly what you're seeking and track objects by location, value, category and more.

Extensive storage for text, images and documents

Store all information and documentation relating to each object in the portal’s highly organized inventory management system.  

Bank-level Encryption

Dedicated Support

We are real, live human beings who work directly with you to support your success with our online experience.

Share selectively - you’re in control!

You have the power to assign access privileges to different types of user accounts. 

Consider planning your legacy by bundling our valuation services for insurance and estate planning

Protect and enjoy your most treasured assets during your lifetime

Legacy planning with Bryson gives clients the best information to decide which valuables belong on a specialized insurance policy and the appraisal documentation needed to adequately protect these cherished belongings.

Understand how valuables affect your portfolio

By providing clients with the retail replacement values needed for insurance and the  fair market values used for estate planning purposes, client receive a clear picture of how tangible assets impact their overall financial state.

Control how and when your passion assets will be distributed

Bryson provides all legacy planning clients with our interactive online app that allows them to clearly and privately assign items to beneficiaries, heirs, and philanthropies. This living document can easily be printed and added as an exhibit to their trust, will, or estate plan.

Document your heritage, tell your story, and capture your legacy

Legacy planning clients can add personal stories to their catalog which is available as a searchable repository and printed book, allowing them to pass on much more than the item itself. 

Estate Planning & Settlement can involve using the Appraisal Report Document for purposes such as including personal property in a trust, valuation for probate, and appraisal report documents written for estate tax filing purposes.