Sell, donate, pack, and ship your estate's personal property using Bryson's Intelligent Liquidation service.

"Where should I sell or donate my items to get the best rates and prices? How should I pack and ship my items?"

Packing and shipping large amount of property can be exhausting and difficult. Bryson's Distribution service will compare shipping options to create and execute a logistics plan that safely gets each item to its selected destination.

This reduces the risk of improper handling, ensures you get the best rates, and saves you time and energy.

For items you want to sell, you can utilize our system to easily send inquiries to recommended marketplaces, allowing you to directly compare estimates and fees and find the best deal.

We can also recommend and document donations for item specific institutions, allowing the estate to receive a fair IRS deduction and giving you confidence the property will be in good hands.

Send Your Items To The Right Place

You will receive a recommendation for each item designed to give your estate the optimal financial result.  This includes:

  • Consignment opportunities such as auction houses or galleries
  • Donation opportunities such as museums, schools, or charities

Get The Best Fees and Rates

Bryson's Intelligent Liquidation service can easily share item information with multiple auction houses so you can compare quotes and make informed decisions. 

We will also collect quotes from reputable area packing and shipping companies to make sure you get the best possible rate.

Don't Lift A Finger 

From managing communication with vendors to overseeing the onsite handling of items, you can relax knowing that your estate's personal property is being handled with professional attention and care.