Estate Planning Package

Partnering with Bryson for your estate property plan empowers you to control exactly how your assets will be handled, avoid unnecessary family disputes, and capture your legacy.


1. Discover

  • How do I know where to start?

  • How do I determine which items to have valued, and how should I group them?

  • What items should I donate?

  • How do I know what type of appraisal values I need?

You'll meet one-on-one with a Bryson Estate Expert who will evaluate your situation and property to design a customized plan that fits your goals.

That means walking through the property to determine exactly what you want to donate, sell, or distribute within the estate, reducing uncertainty and giving you full confidence that you are making intelligent and informed decisions.


2. Document

  • How will we know what the property is worth?

  • What do I need to submit the property for estate taxes or probate?

Bryson's Document service gives you a detailed, photographed record of all estate property including appraisal valuations for estate tax purposes.

This comprehensive, IRS-qualified document ensures you and your estate will mitigate liabilities and understand what the property is worth.

You also receive access to a searchable online item database, empowering you to share the items with beneficiaries, resale businesses, and donation recipients.

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3. Decide

  • How can you determine who gets what?

  • Where is the best place to sell or donate an item?


Bryson's online division platform allows beneficiaries to view items and indicate interest without ever setting foot on the property.

This saves everyone time, money, and energy, while giving you a fair, objective, and quantifiable way to gauge individual interest.

For items you want to sell, you can utilize our system to easily send inquiries to recommended marketplaces, allowing you to directly compare estimates and fees and find the best deal.

We can also recommend and document donations for item specific institutions, allowing the estate to receive a fair IRS deduction and giving you confidence the property will be in good hands.