Show Closing: Paige Williams, Between Intervals

paige williams.jpg

This exhibit will be closing March 7th, 2018 at The Meyers Gallery:

The DAAP Galleries are pleased to present new work by artist Paige Williams. Her work utilizes dichotomous materials that explore contradictory extremes; transitory materials hover over impenetrable surfaces. Silver is a catalyst; a transition metal and recurs throughout the work in a variety of media. It foils our perception and impedes logic; it is transient, ephemeral and potentially fleeting. 

The grid, though varied in form, is a recognizable constant throughout the work and its use acknowledges a tendency towards uniformity. Her work reminds us that regardless of our attempts at perfection, what is intriguing is our fallibility or that which makes us human: varied degrees of elegance, awkwardness, clumsiness and grace.