Show Closing: Past as Present, Capturing and Archiving the Female Experience

Image: Lorena Molina, Building a Home Out of Dirt, video with sound, 7 mins., 50 secs., 2018. Courtesy of the artist.

This exhibit will be closing Dec 2, 2018 at Reed Gallery:

Past as Present: Capturing and Archiving the Female Experienceexhibits contemporary photographic images of and by women. It places artworks by Ohio-based artists Lorena Molina, Carmen Winant and Gina Osterloh, in context with those of Marina Abramovic, Tania Bruguera, and Annie Sprinkle.

Many of them capture performative actions by the artists that address societal expectations, current political conditions, the human relationship to natural and constructed environments, or the creative struggle. The gallery will also serve as a reading room and social space that offers some of the latest and most respected publications about photography, with a specific focus on books about female photographers.