Visit "The Vikings are invading Cincinnati!" - before it closes!

This exhibit will be closing April 30, 2017 at Cincinnati Museum Center:

Experience a myth-busting exhibition that has captivated millions of people around the world, as the largest collection of Viking artifacts to visit North America comes to Cincinnati.

Explore the rich, often-misunderstood Viking culture through a rare collection of artifacts and fresh insights revealed through new archaeological discoveries that give you a real look into the lives of Vikings and shows why they continue to capture our imagination.

  • Examine hundreds of thousand-year-old artifacts showing the work of highly skilled craftspeople who used many different materials, including textiles, wood, metal, bone, leather, glass and ceramics.
  • Experience Viking daily life by engaging in activities that explore traditional clothing, competing in authentic Viking games, and testing your strength using an accurate model of a Viking sword.
  • Learn about Norse mythology and see displays of beautifully crafted weapons and religious iconography, including the earliest known Scandinavian crucifix.
  • Virtually excavate a Viking ship layer by layer, uncovering rich discoveries like weapons, tools, and animals, just as archaeologists do.
  • Marvel at full-scale replica Viking ships, including the 25-foot Krampmacken and 21-foot Karl, plus a “Ghost Ship” represented in 3D by the boat’s original iron rivets.
  • Walk alongside the longest Viking ship ever discovered, the 122-foot Roskilde 6, making its North American debut here in Cincinnati.

Vikings: Beyond the Legend is a joint venture between and produced by The Swedish History Museum in Sweden and MuseumsPartner in Austria. The Roskilde 6 display is a joint venture between and produced by The National Museum of Denmark and MuseumsPartner.