New feature! Lingo: Your Guide to the Vocabulary of Fine Art Appraisal

Want to learn the language of art? Interested in sharpening your vocabulary?  Try Lingo, our searchable online glossary of the specialized terminology of art valuation.  

Lingo is a searchable database of art-specific terms aggregated from trusted texts and pros in our industry. It can be accessed at any time here on our website.  In coming weeks we will be adding images that illustrate condition issues and other visual information that enhances the understanding of each term.

And of course, we're mobile-friendly so you can practice your art-speak on your phone, too.

Lingo is a free educational resource because we like to share what we know. 

Terms will be added on an on-going basis, and any suggestions will be considered for inclusion & should be sent to (along with sources so we may give credit where it is due).

Pollock want a cracker?

Pollock want a cracker?