Calling ALL You Brilliant College Students! Apply today for our 2015 Summer Internship Program!

Are you ready to work for a disruptive company in a sexy industry?

Looking to learn hard skills that score you interviews with terrific companies & woo the future employers reading your resume?

Are you more than a little geeky with a whole lotta hustle?

Then you belong with Bryson this summer.

 Bryson is a tech-empowered financial services company based in the greater Cincinnati area.  Bryson has experienced rapid growth since 2009 as a leading service provider in the valuation of non-financial assets.  That is, we appraise tangible objects; things like fine art, wine, classic cars, rare books, collectibles, furniture, memorabilia, and we do it for private clients, museums & nonprofits, 11 of the 15 largest insurance companies in North America and even the Internal Revenue Service.

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We are seeking summer Interns to help us tell our story.  Each Intern will work with our team to plan and execute campaigns surrounding the launch of a new service.  Writing fabulous copy will feel as natural as that 3pm siesta, and you will have the opportunity to get feedback on your craft from a team of professional writers.

What you can expect

Our Interns will master the essentials of copywriting and design through a 12 week program designed to teach and build skills that can be applied to most any industry.  Each week interns spend 10 hours of dedicated time in a conversational classroom setting or other learning environment (a museum, for example) where we share methods and approaches to crafting messages of every stripe.  

Because you need to participate to enjoy the benefits on this program, we ask that you commit to joining us on time for the full duration of class every Wednesday each week for the twelve week period between May 18th through August 3.  Outside of this commitment, you need to be equipped with your own laptop to complete assignments remotely in between our team classes.  

Interns will receive instructions, tools, templates, and prompts before they hit the books and work virtually to complete assignments before the next meeting.  Each assignment will become part of a Kit that interns will present at the end of the internship.  These kits make excellent portfolios and work examples for future opportunities.  

If you are:

  • inclined to complain

  • lazy

  • afraid of real responsibility

  • not open to receiving feedback

  • lacking discipline to complete assignments independently

  • not interested in learning and producing over the summer break

        Then this is not the opportunity for you.

If you:

  • want applicable skills that will serve you in the real world

  • enjoy learning

  • embrace challenge

  • love creating and writing

  • deliver on your promises

  • have been told by others that you are a good writer

  • don’t mind joining some brainy nerds for the summer

This could be the beginning of a beautiful collaboration!

You will benefit tenfold from this program if you fit into our culture.  


  • hustle.

  • love our work.

  • seek out answers.

  • solve big problems.

Sound like you?  

Apply online for the opportunity to make magic with us this summer!  

Once you’ve completed our program you will be most deserving of academic credit for your engagement with our business.  Additionally, our capable team will receive fun perks like outings, meals, tickets to cool events, museum tours, and even pool days!

Ready to learn more than your brain can handle and have a total blast while you’re at it?

Don't be shy!  Apply!