Gold and Silver Surprises: Weighing your worth

Precious metals and your precious possessions

The precious metals market has a direct impact on the valuation of many common items in an estate, including family silverware, sterling silver serving pieces, and jewelry.   If you own these types of items, then understanding the state of the precious metals market is paramount to your understanding of the value of your possessions.  Buyer and gold guru Tim Iacono publishes his insights on the precious metals market.  Almost weekly he discusses the prices of gold, silver and platinum on his Seeking Alpha blog.  

 Precious metals: Are you bullish or bearish?

Iacono is a bullish gold trader and he predicts an upswing in the value of gold and silver beginning in November. Prior to the closing of the market today gold was priced at $1,709.23/oz and silver $31.78/oz.  

What is an ounce?  Weighing your options

In terms of sterling candlesticks and jewelry box contents, ounces can add up very quickly.  Precious metal prices are only a baseline for valuing gold and silver objects.  Informed decisions are the best decisions, and staying familiar with this market will only benefit you when you choose to downsize, insure, or pass along you precious possessions to a loved one.

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