For many, the first step in seeking appraisal services is understanding if your item and goals merit the cost of a full appraisal report.  Some common situations include:

  • I'm not sure if my item is valuable enough to justify a separate insurance appraisal
  • I'd like to know more about my item's worth before deciding to sell or keep it
  • I'd like to know the best place to sell my item

Bryson offers two ways to help you understand the market value of your object and make informed decisions without having to commit to the time and cost of a full appraisal.

These are Sale Estimates and Consultations.

Sale Estimate

Sale Estimate is an online tool that allows you to send in photos of your objects so we may provide a report with basic item identification, a ranged auction estimate, and our best recommendation for where to sell.

Receiving a Sale Estimate is as easy as uploading a few photos and can be done from anywhere in the world.  

Cost: $30 per item

Time: Sale Estimate reports are provided within two days from submission


Our Consultation service gives estate administrators and collectors an efficient way to qualify or disqualify larger amounts of valuables as needing an appraisal report.

This in-home consultation is performed by a qualified expert who will evaluate your property and listen to your goals in order to provide a customized recommendation report.

What are the benefits?

  • Knowing that valuable items are not being overlooked or thrown out

  • Not overpaying for appraisals where they aren’t needed

  • Having a concrete, confident understanding of your estate or home's personal property

What does the report tell me?

You will then receive a consultation report placing discussed items into one of three categories:

1. No market value

These items do not have any discernible market demand.

2. Household property

These items have market value and can be accurately appraised using a common index or simple research. They do not justify an in-depth appraisal. 

3. Rare or unique property

These items are potentially or certainly valuable.  We recommend they be documented in detail and appraised by a qualified specialist, depending on your insurance, tax, or sales goals.


Cost: $250 for most estates in the Cincinnati area.

Time: The in-home evaluation typically takes 1-2 hours, with reports provided within two days.


How do I receive this service?

Schedule by by calling Bryson at (513) 486-6039, or email us at

You can also submit an inquiry right here on our website:

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