Whether you’re tracking resources, documenting insurance values, or responding to myriad myriad research requests, one thing’s for sure:

You’ll make good on your mission to serve your local and global audiences with an intuitive, secure, and easy-to-access online portal that makes your collection accessible to the world. 

Good stewardship begins with organization, preservation, and access. 

Get organized, insured, and connected with our free online collections management system for museums, libraries, and universities that want to protect their cultural assets and reach the largest possible audience with the least expense.

Tailor your platform to fit your collection

Seamless visitor experience
Patrons never leave your website - an easy embed code allows your online portal to appear on any page of your website that you wish. Your online portal will intuitively adopt the format and style of your website so all the information you share fitting and natural to your user - enhancing your brand with a professional look, tone, and feel.

Customized information structure designed to empower your metadata
We are real live human beings who work directly with you to create a system specific to the cultural objects in your collection.
Share selectively - you’re in control
You’ll have the power to assign access privileges to different types of user accounts. For example: fiduciaries see information concerning insurance values, while staff can edit object data, and public have the ability to search and sort through data you choose to make accessible. 
Powerful capabilities
Access your information
Available online anytime, anywhere, in print, web, and mobile formats so it's easy for your staff and patrons to use on smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs.
Storage for text, images, and documents
Store all information relating to the objects in an organized inventory management system.  

Find what you need
Keyword search, sort, and filter options allow you to find exactly what you're looking for and track objects by location, value, category, and more.

So much More than a software provider, we are your partner that goes above and beyond to see you succeed.
Focus on what you do best - let us handle the rest
Relax and know that we can facilitate the cataloguing and digitization of your cultural objects.  No temporary staff hires - no distracting, never ending “special projects” - so you stay on track with your other duties.
Launch faster  
We completely catalogue, digitize and value large collections in weeks or months that we’ve seen museums and libraries take years to complete. We are experienced specialists dedicated to this process - so we know how to work efficiently for you.
Learn from your audience
Gain insights on your audience’s search and browse habits to better understand their interests and enthusiasm for different subject matter within your holdings.