Personal Property Consultation

Receiving a personal property consultation gives executors, estate administrators, and trustees a quick and affordable way to determine what property can be thrown out, what can be valued using a common index, and what needs to be appraised by a specialist.  

A personal property expert will walk through the estate with you before providing a written report with clear findings and recommendations, giving you confidence that you are making prudent and informed decisions the rest of the way.

Personal Property Documentation

We will take on the task of preparing your personal property documentation for probate or tax purposes in order to save you time and energy while minimizing your risk by providing accurate, IRS qualified valuations.  

Items are documented through a schedule of assets or an appraisal report:

Schedule of Assets

An inventory appraiser will list all common household items on your schedule of assets and value them using a common index.

Appraisal Reports

Unique, rare, and valuable objects are documented and photographed in detail before being appraised by a qualified expert.  All of this information is then prepared in a IRS qualified report.

Intelligent Liquidation

The task of clearing a home can be overwhelming and physically daunting.  You can reduce your stress and get optimal results by utilizing any combination of our liquidation services:

Consignment Inquiry

When selling a valuable object it can be hard to determine if you are going through the right venue, or getting a good deal.  Our consignment inquiry service solves this problem by sending your item information to a collection of qualified venues to compare quotes and fees.  The findings are then given to you in a report format, allowing you to make a confident and informed decision.

Donation Placement

Looking to donate an item? We will provide custom recommendations in order to make sure your valuables go the best possible venue, and will create the necessary documentation to ensure a fair IRS deduction.

Pack and Ship

From managing communication with vendors to overseeing the onsite handling of items, you can relax knowing that your estate's personal property is being handled with professional attention and care. 


Why choose Bryson?

An appraisal business you can trust

As an independent appraisal company we don't buy or sell property.  That means our number one priority is to empower you with objective appraisals and honest, useful advice--not to earn consignments or commissions.

Our detailed appraisal reports are written to ensure you are properly compensated in the event of an insurance claim and appropriately protecting yourself when submitting valuations for estate tax or IRS purposes.

Never shop for an appraiser again

Bryson partners with a national network of qualified appraisers spanning a broad range of expertise.  You don't need to worry about finding, vetting, and negotiating services from separate jewelry, fine art, furniture, or firearm appraisers.  That's our job.