Hello my name is Morgan Cobb and my company is Bryson.  Bryson is a personal property appraisal and collection management business.  To better understand my business, I want you to think about the personal property you own.  I’m not referring to your home or your investment portfolio. I want you to consider the tangible contents of your home:  the art on your walls, the jewelry in your jewelry box, books, sports memorabilia, and the furniture in your home.  


Now picture your most meaningful possessions.  Those that have a history.  Precious gifts.  Souvenirs from exciting travels.   Maybe something you purchased on on a trip abroad?  Perhaps it was inherited from a family member?  Do you even know the origin of the item before it came into your hands?


Thinking about your most meaningful possessions, ask yourself: how are you protecting the objects that mean the most to you?  Are you keeping them in good condition?  Are you storing them in a safe place where they will be secure and undamaged?  Do you have them insured against theft, fire, flood, and natural disasters?  Your investments and your home and any other real estate are most likely insured and secured.  But what about your art, your family heirlooms, and your most meaningful personal property?

Furthermore, what plans have you made for these valuable objects when you are no longer interested or able to care for them yourself? Will family members inherit your valuables?  If so, how will you distribute gifts equitably, so no one harbors negative feelings toward another family member?   Will you make a donation to your favorite university, museum or library during your lifetime?  Will you include them in your estate plans?  Are you aware that your estate can be taxed on the value of these objects if you do not plan accordingly?  Did you know that there are tax advantages for personal property donations that you can receive now?

You can see that while people manage and plan financial assets, very little is done to manage and protect personal property.  Not only are these items more emotionally meaningful to us, but in some cases the monetary value of objects can rival other investments like stocks and real estate.  My company can help you unlock the value of tangible assets.