Confidently navigate personal property with a plan.

For one hour, an experienced personal property appraiser will visit your home, discuss your goals, and inspect your belongings.  You will receive a concise plan that defines:

  • Which belongings are certainly or potentially valuable
  • Which belongings have nominal value
  • Actionable next steps to reach your objectives

Surveys are used for:

  • Determining the need for an appraisal report
  • Downsizing
  • Settling an estate
  • Planning a trust
  • Tax planning for non-cash charitable contributions
  • Organization
  • Collection management

Receiving a professionally photographed and catalogued inventory of your assets allows you to easily reference exactly what you have and easily share objects with interested parties, beneficiaries, or resale venues.

You will receive:

  • Professional, detailed photography of your chosen items
  • Museum standard Object ID cataloguing includes measurements, unique features, and condition report
  • Access to your catalog via our searchable and shareable interactive online tool
  • Print catalogs priced on request