Exactly what you need -  Nothing more, nothing less.

smArt Appraisal from Bryson is the sensible, economical first-step to help you understand what to keep, sell, donate, insure, restore, frame, and more. You can feel confident and informed as you make important decisions involving your item.

A typical appraisal can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars. You pay only $40 for a smArt Appraisal and you will receive a completed evaluation from us within 48 hours of your submission. 

At this price there is no option online that delivers the access to vetted specialists, the depth of information reported, and the convenience of the submission process. 

You win.

You'll receive...

1. A price point estimate (a range of what you could expect it to fetch if you sold it today)

2. A recommendation of the most appropriate marketplace for your specific item

3. Recommended next steps for you to take to protect your investment