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Top notch expertise paired with a client-first philosophy — all accessible within our easy-to-use web app.

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Every appraisal includes tailored advice for you

A price point estimate – what your item would likely fetch on the market today

A recommendation of the most appropriate marketplace for your specific item

Recommended next steps for you to take to protect your investment

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Experts evaluate your photos

Receive tailored valuations from a team of highly qualified appraisers with expertise across the board.

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$40 per item

Includes estimation of value, marketplace recommendation, and appraiser comments.  

Fast turnaround

Most objects are appraised in just two business days.

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Access your appraisal portfolio from anywhere for easy sharing and safe record keeping.


How it works


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Receive appraisals from your phone, tablet, or desktop

The smArt Appraisal web app is optimized for all devices, so you can easily submit items to our experts – no matter what device you use.


Free STASH™ web app with every account

Access your information online anytime, anywhere, in print, web, and mobile formats through STASH™, our proprietary online app available exclusively to our clients.


Downloadable and printable PDF appraisal reports

Your completed smArt Appraisals can be automatically generated as PDF files for easy printing and file saving.