Our clients receive appraisal report documents that

  • provide complete photographic record of the collection - so you and any of your professional advisors or insurance agents have a comprehensive document that visualizes your property.

  • records authorship, attribution, and other characteristics of the property that substantiate value.

  • identifies the most appropriate market context for each object.

  • values property for the purpose identified by the client in consultation with the appraiser.

  • is a legal document written in accordance with IRS stipulations to maintain and support a position in a tax audit, in a court of law, and in insurance disputes.

No conflicts of interest.  

A written report specific to a situation, a property, and a purpose, the appraisal report document is an individualized legal document prepared by a professional, qualified, objective third party with no vested interest in the property. We do not buy or sell as dealers and maintain this separation to show respect to our clients who can trust that we act in their best interest.